All About Us

KloosterKino is the place to be for animated shorts in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Three times a year we show the best animated shorts from all over the world in a friendly setting. The screenings take place in a historic cloister, which dates back to 1909, and are not subject to admission. KloosterKino shows work by young filmmakers, but also pays attention to classic animated film.

Throughout the year we also work with other festivals and cultural organizations to arrange screenings of animated shorts. But why animated shorts? Well, first of all, because we love them! But also because too few animated shorts are shown theatrically in the Netherlands. KloosterKino wants to show animation in all its diversity: from stop-motion to CGI, from narrative to abstract, homegrown and from far away. In doing so, we hope to aid in the diffusion of the artistic animated short. We intend to be an alternative to the larger animation festivals by offering screenings which are both accessible and challenging. We stand for high quality animated film in welcoming surroundings.

Our target audience is not just the animation aficionado, but also those who normally don’t watch animation, but are open to a surprising and stimulating program of films.



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